2012 Mayan Manifesto


1. The 2012 Mayan Manifesto is a book that provides readers with a comprehensive insight into the Mayan Calendar and the 2012 prophecies. 2. The book discusses the history and mythology of the Mayan culture, as well as the spiritual and scientific teachings of the Maya. 3. It offers readers a unique perspective on the potential of the 2012 prophecies and the power of living in alignment with the cycles of nature.

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The 2012 Mayan Manifesto is a groundbreaking work of art that brings together the ancient Mayan culture with modern day society in an unforgettable visual experience. This unique artwork, created by artist and designer Luis Felipe Solano, is a captivating blend of ancient and modern symbolism that celebrates the culture and contributions of the Mayan people. The Mayan Manifesto is a three-dimensional wall sculpture made up of 250 individual pieces of hand-cut and hand-painted glass. The design is inspired by the Mayan calendar, with each piece of glass featuring a unique symbol or design that represents a certain month or day in the calendar. The overall design of the sculpture is meant to evoke the power and mystery of the ancient Mayan culture, while also honoring the contributions of the Mayan people to modern culture. The colors of the piece are vibrant and eye-catching, featuring a mix of blues, greens, oranges, yellows, and purples. The combination of colors and shapes creates a mesmerizing visual effect that captures the attention and inspires the imagination. The 2012 Mayan Manifesto is an impressive work of art that is sure to be a conversation piece and a stunning addition to any home or office. It is sure to be admired by all who see it, and is a beautiful way to honor the Mayan culture.