5 Minutes To Eliminate Holiday Stress


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5 Minutes To Eliminate Holiday Stress is The Complete Self-Help Guide on How to Change Your Holiday Experiences for GOOD!

Stop Your Holiday Stress and Simplify with mind and life altering tips for re-deciding for choice and balance. Great for use all year round. No matter what the holiday or family event – Are you ready to experience a better one this year? How about a better every day?! You don’t even have to wait for the holidays to come around to get lots of help to stop life-stress from ruining any day.

In 5 Minutes To Eliminate Holiday Stress!, you’ll learn:

  • how to pre-plan your holiday travel to work for you and your immediate family
  • how to say No! to over-buying and gift
  • how to balance cooking, baking and candlestick making!
  • how to take care of yourself and your needs
  • how to balance family and your sanity
  • how to please everyone! (okay, that’s not true, I lied!)
  • how to anticipate problems and solutions
  • how to step back and see the “bigger picture”
  • how to give yourself “permission” to let go of what you usually have been in control of and so much more

You’ll also get:

  • hands-on writing exercises,
  • practical tips and methods for change,
  • eye-opening factoids,
  • true stories,
  • inspirational quotes and stories, humor, and lots of fun pictures that are entertaining and poignant.