Affiliate Cash Conspiracy


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Is it me? Have I lost my freaking mind? The world of affiliate marketing is evolving very fast and it’s almost hard to keep up if you don’t know the correct way to be an effective affiliate.

Easy, affiliate marketing is one of the best, most promising, and fastest way to get your feet wet, make some money and learn marketing before moving towards creating your own products. And PPC is the fastest and probably easiest way to get traffic that will convert into sales.

Here are the facts:

  1. Affiliate marketers are responsible for over 6 billion dollars of online sales in 2007.
  2. In this computer generation, it’s common to make purchases online and it’s happening more than ever before.
  3. The web is growing rapidly at alarming rates. And will never stop.
  4. Broadband is more accessible than ever before, making it fast and easy to shop online.

Here is the quick outline of the Affiliate Cash Conspiracy system I will show you in this report.

  1. Surefire way to selecting a profitable and rabid niche market
  2. Spying on competitors to see what’s already working
  3. Swipe profitable keywords and ads from your competitors
  4. Purchasing a domain name that you can leverage
  5. Setting up the correct style of landing page
  6. Setup your Adwords campaign (Drive targeted traffic)
  7. Track and test keywords, landing page, and conversions
  8. Keep the winners, drop the losers
  9. Tweak and Refine your ads and landing page
  10. Profit and repeat process

Affiliate Cash Conspiracy shows you how niches can be identified and products can be chosen to find the best affiliate products online for your promotions.