Conan The Barbarian Beyond The Black River


1. Conan The Barbarian Beyond The Black River is a Robert E. Howard classic, featuring a hero who battles against a savage kingdom. 2. This thrilling adventure follows Conan as he navigates a world of sorcery, carnage and brutality. 3. Conan The Barbarian Beyond The Black River is a timeless story of courage and survival, perfect for fans of epic fantasy.

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Conan The Barbarian Beyond The Black River tells the story of Conan, a barbarian warrior from Cimmeria, who is sent by his emissary to the mysterious land of Koth. Along his journey, Conan battles monsters, sorcerers, and evil warriors in a series of epic battles. The story culminates with the final confrontation between Conan and the evil Stygian sorcerer Thoth-Amon. The movie is based on the Robert E. Howard short story of the same name. The movie begins with Conan being sent to Koth by his emissary. He is instructed to find the mysterious “Black River” and to discover what secrets lie within. Conan quickly finds himself embroiled in a battle against evil forces, led by the sinister Thoth-Amon. Along the way, Conan must fight a series of monsters, creatures, and warriors, all while trying to unravel the mysteries of the Black River. The movie features spectacular action sequences and breathtaking scenery, as well as a number of iconic characters from the Conan mythos. Notable among these are the heroic Picts, a tribal people who live beyond the Black River, and the ancient wizard Epemitreus. The movie also features the powerful wizard Zogar Sag, the evil sorcerer Thoth-Amon, and the powerful witch Tamera. Conan The Barbarian Beyond The Black River is a classic action-adventure movie that stands the test of time. The movie features an exciting story, intense action sequences, and a memorable cast of characters. With its combination of action and fantasy, the movie is sure to please fans of Robert E. Howard and fans of the Conan mythos.