Conan The Barbarian Black Colossus


1. Conan The Barbarian Black Colossus is an action-packed sword and sorcery adventure classic. 2. Follow the ruthless warrior, Conan, as he battles a cruel tyrant and discovers a forgotten kingdom. 3. Experience epic battles and stunning visuals in this thrilling tale of high adventure.

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Conan The Barbarian Black Colossus is a classic sword-and-sorcery action-adventure movie. Released in 1983, it is the sequel to the 1982 film Conan the Barbarian. Directed by Art Camacho and starring former Mr. Universe, Arnold Schwarzenegger, as the titular Conan, this movie follows the barbarian on his quest to avenge the death of his father. When a powerful sorcerer, Thoth-Amon, threatens to take over the world, Conan sets out to defeat him. On his journey, Conan befriends a group of allies, including the rebellious Prince Ajjut, the strong-willed Princess Jehnna, and the fierce warrior Zula. Together, they embark on an epic adventure to battle Thoth-Amon and his henchmen and save the world from his evil plans. The movie features an incredible visual style, with impressive set pieces, costumes, and special effects that bring the barbarous world of Conan to life. The movie also features intense fight scenes, with Conan using a variety of weapons, including swords, axes, and maces, to battle his enemies. Schwarzenegger’s performance is commanding, and his screen presence is undeniable, making him the perfect choice to play the legendary barbarian. The movie’s soundtrack is equally impressive, with a classic score composed by Basil Poledouris that heightens the drama and action of the movie. Conan The Barbarian Black Colossus is an exciting, action-packed adventure that is sure to entertain any fan of the genre. It’s a classic movie that is an essential part of any sword-and-sorcery collection. Its thrilling action sequences, special effects, and classic soundtrack make it a must-watch.