Filthy Stinking Rich


1. Filthy Stinking Rich is an exciting new game that combines the thrill of a board game with the luck of the lottery. 2. With the unique lottery-style game play, players can win up to $1,000,000 in cash prizes. 3. Players can also enjoy a variety of fun mini-games, giving them the chance to win even more cash prizes.

Filthy Stinking Rich is a unique card game that challenges players to collect the most money while avoiding impoverishment. The game is designed to be easy to learn, yet provide hours of entertainment. Players take on the role of a wealthy investor, trying to outsmart their opponents by investing in a variety of businesses. Each business has different costs and benefits associated with it, so players must carefully consider their decisions to maximize their profits. The game also features a stock market, where players can buy and sell shares of companies to increase their wealth. The game is played over several rounds, and each round brings new opportunities to increase wealth. Players can purchase buildings and businesses, participate in auctions, and even buy luxury items to increase their net worth. Players must also manage their resources carefully, as they can quickly become bankrupted if they make too many unwise investments. The game also features a unique ‘Filthy Stinking Rich’ card, which can be used to instantly boost a player’s wealth. The card can be used to purchase any business or building, and provides a huge advantage if used correctly. Filthy Stinking Rich is a great game for those looking for a challenging yet enjoyable card game. It requires strategic thinking and careful resource management, but also offers players the chance to become filthy stinking rich.