Ghosts Of The Titanic


1. Ghosts of the Titanic is an interactive documentary that explores the stories of those who survived the sinking of the RMS Titanic. 2. Through a combination of first-hand accounts, archival footage and historical documents, the documentary brings the epic tragedy to life. 3. Ghosts of the Titanic is an immersive experience that allows viewers to explore the stories of the survivors, and gain a deeper understanding of the ship’s fateful voyage.

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Ghosts of the Titanic is a book written by author Geoff Tibballs. The book chronicles the 1912 sinking of the famed ocean liner the Titanic from the point of view of the people who survived. In this book, Tibballs collects the stories and testimonies of the survivors, crew, and passengers of the ill-fated ship, providing an intimate look at the tragedy and the aftermath. The book begins with an examination of the Titanic’s construction and the events that led up to the fateful voyage. Tibballs then takes readers on a journey through the events of the night of April 14th, 1912, when the Titanic struck an iceberg and began to sink. Through survivor accounts, Tibballs reconstructs the terrifying struggle for survival and the desperate attempts to save as many passengers as possible. He then looks at the heartbreaking aftermath of the disaster, from the shock of survivors, to the grief of the families of the victims, to the outpouring of public sympathy in the wake of the tragedy. Tibballs also examines the myths and legends which have grown up around the Titanic, such as the story of the “unsinkable” ship and the “ghosts” which supposedly haunted the waters after the disaster. He also looks at the legacy of the Titanic and how it has become a symbol of tragedy, courage, and resilience. Throughout the book, Tibballs draws on a variety of sources, including personal accounts from survivors, official documents, and photographs. He also conducts interviews with Titanic historians and experts to provide a comprehensive account of the disaster and its aftermath. Ghosts of the Titanic is an emotional and powerful story of a tragedy that continues to captivate and inspire. Tibballs’ book is an essential read for anyone interested in the Titanic or in maritime history.