Hg Wells Things To Come


1. Things To Come is a novel by H.G. Wells, first published in 1933. 2. The novel portrays a future world where war and poverty have been eradicated and mankind is able to focus on more important pursuits. 3. This classic science fiction novel is a thought-provoking drama that explores the possibilities of the future.

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H.G. Wells’ Things To Come is a classic piece of science fiction, and one of the most influential films of the 1930s. The film is based on Wells’ 1936 novel, The Shape of Things to Come, and tells the story of a future world in which civilization has been decimated by a global war and technology has been used to create a utopia. The movie begins in a small English town in 1940, where a group of citizens gather around a radio to hear news of the war. As the news gets worse, the townspeople despair over the future of the world. Little do they know that in the far future, their town will become a beacon of hope for the world. In 2036, the world has been devastated by a global war. Technology has advanced to the point where the survivors are able to build an underground city under the ruins of their former home. This city is ruled by a council of scientists and is powered by an immense energy generator, the “Wings of Progress.” The citizens of this new society are isolated from the world outside and are under constant surveillance. Despite this, they are able to achieve a degree of prosperity and peace. However, their progress is threatened by a group of rebels who are determined to break free from the city and spread their message of freedom around the world. The movie follows the struggles of the rebels as they attempt to escape the city and bring freedom to the world. Along the way, they encounter many obstacles, including a powerful enemy known as “The Master,” who is determined to keep the citizens of the city from escaping. Things To Come is an engaging sci-fi adventure with a powerful message about the power of technology and the potential of a utopian society. It is a classic of the genre and remains an iconic film of the 1930s.