1. Neuromancer is an award-winning science fiction novel by William Gibson, set in a dystopian future dominated by powerful artificial intelligences and global corporate entities. 2. The novel follows the story of computer hacker Case, who is hired by a mysterious employer to pull off the ultimate hack. 3. With its innovative vision of cyberspace and its exploration of technology and identity, Neuromancer has become a classic of the cyberpunk genre.

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Neuromancer is William Gibson’s groundbreaking 1984 cyberpunk novel, and is often credited as the book that launched the cyberpunk genre. Set in a dystopian future, the story follows protagonist Case, a computer hacker who is hired by a mysterious employer to pull off a complex data theft. The novel is set in the Chiba City area of Japan, a place where the corporate and criminal underworlds are inextricably linked. In this future world, technology has advanced to the point where the human mind and body can be augmented with cybernetic implants. The cybernetics allow for enhanced physical abilities, as well as the ability to “jack in” to computers and virtual realities. The novel follows Case’s journey as he is hired by the enigmatic figure called Armitage to steal from the powerful artificial intelligence known as Wintermute. In the process, Case finds himself pitted against a vast array of enemies, from powerful corporations to criminals with their own agendas. In order to complete the task, he must team up with the mysterious hacker Molly and the artificial intelligence Neuromancer. The novel is highly influential, and its themes are still relevant to this day. It explores the emerging power of technology and its implications for the human experience. It also raises questions about the power of corporations and other entities in controlling information and manipulating people. Its depiction of a world where technology and humanity are inextricably intertwined is still highly applicable today. Neuromancer has won numerous awards, including the prestigious Nebula Award and the Hugo Award. It is widely regarded as a classic of science fiction, and is often cited as one of the most influential books of the genre. It is an essential read for anyone interested in cyberpunk or science fiction.