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SEO Pop-O-Matic is the continuing evolution of more than 20 years of proven, demonstrated search engine optimization and ranking experience. In fact, our original development team was part of the original parallel computing team whose early R&D led to the debut of the Google search engine. You’re also working with the same team who made national headlines when major flaws in Google’s algorithms were exposed because of security compromises within the NSA, FBI and other governmental agencies.

We developed SEO Pop-O-Matic to be easy to use and fun but most importantly, incredibly powerful and precisely the technology and powerhouse optimization firepower to take your sites to the top of Google, Bing & Yahoo…Because…

SEO Pop-O-Matic is the brainchild of experimentation, research and extensive testing directly inside Google itself…AND because of that…

SEO Pop-O-Matic is the most powerful and ONLY completely automated search engine optimization solution that is guaranteed to not only increase your targeted traffic but will most certainly drive your sites to the top of the search engines, faster and easier than any other method…Guaranteed.