Sex Secrets Of Anal Sex Ecstasy


1. Sex Secrets Of Anal Sex Ecstasy is a comprehensive guide to the world of anal pleasure. 2. It provides a detailed exploration of the secrets of anal play, from preparation to pleasure. 3. This book provides readers with the knowledge and techniques needed to enjoy safe and pleasurable anal sex.

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Sex Secrets Of Anal Sex Ecstasy is an essential guide for anyone looking to explore the sensual side of anal sex. Written by renowned sexologist Dr. Laura Berman, this book offers simple and easy to understand instructions on how to make anal sex fulfilling, pleasurable, and safe. With information on both male and female anatomy, it covers topics such as proper lubrication, communication, pleasure zones, and more. This book includes chapters on the history of anal sex, its many forms, and the associated risks. It also includes practical steps to ensure safety and comfort during anal sex, including the use of lubrication, communication, and gradual penetration. Readers will learn the best positions for maximum pleasure and discover secrets about the many ways to orgasm. With detailed illustrations, this book provides an in-depth look into the world of anal sex. In addition to explaining the anatomy and techniques, Dr. Berman also offers advice on how to make the experience more pleasurable, emotionally satisfying, and less intimidating. With her guidance, readers will learn how to talk to their partner about anal sex, how to prepare the body for it, and how to ensure that both partners are comfortable and safe. Sex Secrets Of Anal Sex Ecstasy is a must-read for anyone looking to explore the wonders of anal sex.