The Art Of Money Getting


1. The Art Of Money Getting is a timeless guide to achieving financial success. 2. Written by P.T. Barnum, one of America’s most successful entrepreneurs, it provides practical advice on wealth accumulation. 3. With chapters on topics such as thrift, investment, and risk-taking, this classic book is an invaluable resource to anyone looking to improve their financial security.

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The Art of Money Getting, written by P.T. Barnum, is an invaluable guide for anyone who is serious about achieving financial success. Barnum, a highly successful businessman and showman, shares the secrets to his own financial success and offers advice on how to attain financial freedom. The book is divided into four sections: The Art of Getting Rich, The Art of Keeping Rich, The Art of Spending Money, and The Art of Making Money. In the first section, Barnum advises readers on how to become wealthy. He outlines the importance of setting goals and maintaining focus, developing good habits, and taking calculated risks. He also emphasizes the importance of networking and building relationships with other successful people as well as the value of hard work and dedication. He shares his own personal experiences as well as lessons learned from other successful businessmen. The second section explains the importance of preserving and protecting one’s wealth. Barnum encourages readers to diversify their investments and to practice wise financial planning. He also provides advice on how to manage debt and credit, minimize taxes, and create a sound estate plan. The third section is devoted to the art of spending money. Barnum encourages readers to be wise and frugal in their spending and to focus on buying quality rather than quantity. He also stresses the importance of giving back to the community and investing in experiences rather than material possessions. Finally, the fourth section explains the art of making money. Barnum advises readers to develop multiple streams of income, invest in long-term projects, and take advantage of opportunities. Throughout the book, Barnum emphasizes the importance of honesty, integrity, and hard work. The Art of Money Getting is an insightful and inspiring guide for anyone who is serious about achieving financial success. Barnum’s advice and guidance are timeless, and his wisdom is as relevant today as it was when the book was first published.