The Complete Encyclopedia Of All Things Irish


1. The Complete Encyclopedia Of All Things Irish is a comprehensive guide to all things related to Ireland and its culture. 2. It is divided into sections covering topics such as history, literature, music, art, and traditional Irish sports. 3. This encyclopedia provides an in-depth look at the many aspects of Irish culture, from ancient customs to modern day trends.

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The Complete Encyclopedia of All Things Irish is a comprehensive and invaluable reference for anyone interested in the history, culture, and people of Ireland. This exceptional and illuminating encyclopedia is a must-have for anyone wanting to learn more about the Emerald Isle. Organized into over 7,500 entries, this encyclopedia covers the entire spectrum of Irish history, culture, and people. It begins with a comprehensive overview of the island itself, before delving into its earliest inhabitants, the various peoples and nations that have called Ireland home throughout its history, and how they have shaped the nation into what it is today. From the prehistoric era to the modern day, each entry is packed with insightful and entertaining information on the politics, religion, literature, customs, and music of the Irish people. The encyclopedia also chronicles the many famous Irish figures, from kings and queens to writers, artists, musicians, and political leaders. With detailed biographies of each of these figures, readers can gain a deeper understanding of their unique contributions to the Irish history. Other important topics and figures are covered, such as the Irish language, the Great Famine, and the Troubles. In addition to its comprehensive coverage of the history and culture of Ireland, The Complete Encyclopedia of All Things Irish also provides detailed coverage of many Irish traditions, such as its distinctive cuisine, its colorful festivals, and its vibrant folklore. Readers can also learn about the many unique places of interest in Ireland, such as its stunning castles, its ruggedly beautiful national parks, and its abundant natural beauty. Finally, the encyclopedia includes an extensive bibliography of over 5,000 sources, making it a valuable resource for anyone looking to further their research into the various topics covered in the encyclopedia. With its comprehensive coverage, fascinating facts, and engaging stories, The Complete Encyclopedia of All Things Irish is an essential guide for anyone wanting to know more about the Emerald Isle.