The Hidden Gospel Of Witches


1. The Hidden Gospel of Witches is a unique exploration of the history of witchcraft and its impact on modern religion. 2. Drawing from a wide range of sources, the book uncovers hidden connections between witches and Christianity, providing a fascinating look into the past. 3. Through its narrative, The Hidden Gospel of Witches provides an insightful and thought-provoking look at the spiritual roots of modern witchcraft.

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The Hidden Gospel of Witches by Max Dashu is a comprehensive look into the ancient history of witchcraft throughout the world. It reveals the hidden and forgotten practices of pre-Christian spiritual traditions, exploring the connections between paganism, goddess worship, and the occult. Dashu draws on a wealth of sources, including ancient manuscripts, archaeological evidence, and folk tales, to reveal the forgotten spiritual wisdom of these ancient cultures. The book begins with an introduction to the history of witchcraft, tracing the development of spiritual practices among pre-Christian cultures from ancient Sumerian to Celtic and Mediterranean religions. Dashu examines the various beliefs and rituals associated with witchcraft, including ancestor worship, herbalism, ritual magic, and divination. He then explores the persecution of witches in early modern Europe, as well as the continued practice of traditional pagan and occult beliefs. Dashu also examines the roles of women in pre-Christian spiritual traditions, showing how women were important figures in ancient religious rituals and beliefs. He examines the powerful goddesses of ancient times, and the ways in which they have been depicted in literature and art. He also looks at the role of the witch in folklore, and how the figure of the witch has evolved over time. The book is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the history of witchcraft and pre-Christian spiritual traditions. It provides a fascinating and in-depth look into the origins of these ancient belief systems, and provides a unique perspective on the ways in which these traditions have been transmitted and preserved throughout history. It is an essential guide for anyone who wishes to explore the hidden history of witchcraft and occultism.