True Stories Of Werewolves


1. True Stories Of Werewolves is a collection of vivid stories that detail the history and folklore of these mythical creatures. 2. It explores the many aspects of werewolf lore, from ancient myths to modern-day sightings. 3. It is a must-have for any fan of the supernatural or those interested in learning about the mysterious history of werewolves.

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True Stories of Werewolves is a unique collection of over 30 real-life reports of werewolf sightings and encounters, from all over the world. These stories are told from the perspective of eyewitnesses, making for an absorbing and spine-tingling read. The book begins with a comprehensive introduction, giving an overview of the phenomenon of werewolves, and exploring the history and mythology surrounding them. The author then delves into the accounts themselves, beginning with the earliest known cases and ending with recent encounters. Each story is accompanied by an analysis that seeks to explain the events, from psychological and supernatural perspectives. Some of the stories are profoundly frightening and chilling, others are more intriguing and mysterious. Among the cases featured are reports from Germany, France, England, Scotland, and the United States. A number of them date back to the 16th century, including one from the 1590s in which a man was said to have transformed into a wolf while walking in the woods. Also included are modern reports from the 1970s and 80s, such as the case of a mysterious creature seen in the Scottish Highlands in 1977. Other accounts involve more recent events, such as a sighting of a creature that was half-man, half-wolf, in Ohio in 2004. The book also looks at the cultural impact of werewolves, and features a selection of artwork, films, and literature inspired by the myth. True Stories of Werewolves is a captivating exploration of one of the most iconic creatures of folklore, and a must-read for anyone with an interest in the supernatural.